About LLJ Ventures

LLJ’s biggest asset, by far, is the trust that its long-term clients have deposited into the firm. These relationships have been developed by putting clients first and abiding by the highest ethical standards.

The underpinning investment philosophy in all of LLJ Ventures’ investments is providing investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns. Out of that core philosophy stems the fact that LLJ is asset class and market agnostic. As a result, LLJ is flexible, nimble, and can invest directly or partner with operating parties. Specifically, LLJ will look for partners when it does not have the expertise or knowledge to achieve extraordinary results.

Being that LLJ is not structured as a fund, we have the flexibility to enter both short or long term investment opportunities. These characteristics have allowed LLJ to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics such as being one of the first real estate companies to transact through an opportunity zone fund. LLJ principals always invest alongside their clients. If a deal is not good enough for an LLJ principal, it is not good enough for any client.

Our diversified portfolio of different investment categories consist of wealth preservation, value add/opportunistic, yield plays, and predevelopment equity/lending.

Our principals have vast experience in contributing value to complex deals that involve distressed assets, REO, TIC restructurings, debt and recapitalization of real estate assets in bankruptcy.